*Please note that the details on this page serves as a guideline only and may not contain the latest information. Kindly visit the relevant websites or contact your nearest embassy or immigration office for updated information.

Visa Requirement

 Every person entering Malaysia must possess a valid national Passport or internationally recognised Travel Document valid for travel to Malaysia. Any person not in possession of a passport or travel document that is recognised by the Malaysian Government must obtain a document in lieu of passport.


Application for the document in lieu of passport can be made at any Malaysian Representative Office abroad. Holders of travel documents like a Certificate of Identity, Laisser Passer, Titre de Voyage or a Country’s Certificate of Permanent Residence must ensure that their return to the country that issued the document or the country of residence is guaranteed. The documents shall be valid, for more than six (6) months from the date of entry into Malaysia.

Foreign nationals who require a visa to enter Malaysia must apply and obtain a visa in advance at any Malaysian Representative Office abroad before entering the country. 

Countries that require visa
  • Afghanistan (Visa With Reference)

  • Angola

  • Bhutan

  • Burkina Faso

  • Burundi

  • Central African Republic

  • China

  • Colombia

  • Comoros

  • Congo Democratic Republic

  • Congo Republic

  • Cote D’ivoire

  • Djibouti

  • Equat. Guinea

  • Eritrea

  • Ethiopia

  • Guinea-Bissau

  • Hong Kong (C/I or D/I)

  • India

  • Liberia

  • Mali

  • Myanmar (ordinary passport)

  • Nepal

  • Niger

  • Rwanda

  • Serbia & Montenegro

  • Taiwan

  • United Nations (Laissez Passer)

  • Western Sahara

Commonwealth countries that require visa
  • Bangladesh

  • Cameroon

  • Ghana

  • Mozambique

  • Nigeria

  • Pakistan

  • Sri Lanka

Countries that require visa for stays exceeding 3 months


  • Albania 

  • Algeria 

  • Argentina 

  • Australia 

  • Austria (Vienna) 

  • Bahrain 

  • Belgium 

  • Bosnia-Herzegovina 

  • Brazil 

  • Croatia 

  • Cuba 

  • Czech Republic 

  • Denmark 

  • Egypt 

  • Finland 

  • France 

  • Germany 

  • Hungary 

  • Iran 

  • Iceland 

  • Ireland 

  • Italy 

  • Japan 

  • Jordan 

  • Kyrgyzstan 

  • Kuwait 

  • Kyrgyz Republic

  • Lebanon 

  • Liechtenstein

  • Luxembourg 

  • Morocco 

  • Netherlands 

  • Norway 

  • Oman 

  • Peru 

  • Poland 

  • Qatar 

  • Romania 

  • St Marino 

  • Saudi Arabia 

  • Slovakia 

  • South Korea 

  • Spain 

  • Sweden 

  • Switzerland 

  • Syria

  • Tunisia 

  • Turkey 

  • Turkmenistan 

  • United Arab Emirates 

  • United Kingdom 

  • Uruguay 

  • Yemen


Countries that require visa for stays exceeding 1 month
  • Armenia

  • Azerbaijan

  • Barbados

  • Belarus

  • Benin

  • Bolivia

  • Bulgaria

  • Cambodia

  • Cape Verde

  • Chad

  • Chile

  • Costa Rica

  • Equador

  • El Savador

  • Estonia

  • Gabon

  • Georgia

  • Greece

  • Guatemala

  • Guinea Republic

  • Haiti

  • Honduras

  • Hong Kong SAR

  • Iraq

  • Kazakhstan

  • Latvia

  • Lithuania

  • Macao SAR

  • Macedonia


  • Madagascar

  • Moldova

  • Mauritania

  • Mexico

  • Monaco

  • Mongolia

  • Nicaragua

  • North Korea

  • North Yemen

  • Palestine

  • Panama

  • Paraguay

  • Portugal

  • Russia

  • Sao Tome & Principe

  • Senegal

  • Slovenia

  • Somalia

  • Sudan

  • Surinam

  • Tajikistan

  • Togo

  • Ukraine

  • Upper Volta

  • Uzbekistan

  • Vatican City

  • Venezuela

  • Zaire

  • Zimbabwe

Countries that require visa for a stay exceeding 14 days
  •  Libya

  • Macao (Travel Permit/Portugal CI)

  • Sierra Leone

  • South Yemen

Other information
  •  No visa is required for U.S.A. citizens visiting Malaysia for social, business or academic purposes (except for employment).

  • No visa is required for a stay of less than one month for nationals of all ASEAN countries except Myanmar. For a stay exceeding one month a visa will be required, except for nationals Brunei and Singapore.

  • For nationals of Israel, visas are required and permission must be granted from Ministry of Internal Security.

  • For nationals of Yugoslavia (Serbia, Montenegro), visas are required and permission must be granted from Ministry Of Home Affairs.

  • Nationals of countries other than those stated above (with the exception of Israel) are allowed to enter Malaysia without a visa for a visit not exceeding one month.


Security Clearance Procedure:

  1. The event organiser will forward a visa application form (form number to be confirmed with registration team) to the delegate upon request.

  2. Delegates must complete the form, scan and email together with a photocopy of their passport identification page to

  3. Event organiser will prepare the documentation for submission to the Ministry of Internal Security and Immigration Ministry.

  4. The application process will take approximately 6-8 weeks from time of application submission to the ministries.

  5. The Internal Security Ministry requires the documentation to be approved by the Foreign Affairs Ministry and Immigration.



1. The event organiser will forward the Security Confirmation Letter to the delegate in Bahasa Malaysia (national language) and English via email and postal mail.

2. Participants must apply for the visa directly with the Malaysian High Commission in either Singapore or Bangkok (for FIGO Singapore was selected).

3. The Commission will advise on the visa procedure.

4. Delegate must pick–up the visa at the respective Commission before entering Malaysia. The visa is date specific for entry and exit.If the delegate could update the event organiser on proceedings it would be appreciated.


Applications submitted within three months of the event date are not advisable.

For more information on Malaysian VISA requirements please visit: 

The information provided is correct at the time of production.

Israeli visa application

*Please note that the details on this page serves as a guideline only and may not contain the latest information. Kindly visit the relevant websites or contact your nearest embassy or immigration office for updated information.

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