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SOGCE - SEMARAK TRAINING Talent Development Programme

A World-Class Talent Development Programme on Metering & Allocation is now at SOGCE 2023!



Sabah has been a key state for the development for Oil, Gas and Energy sector which has contributed significantly to nation building. It locates multiple exploration and development projects with its unique hydrocarbon measurement & allocation. With the aspiration to empower local talents and organisations to actively participate and support local sector, in conjunction of SOGCE 2023, MIDAS Event Management, the organiser of SOGCE in partnership with Semarak Training, the pioneer of Malaysia’s integrated professional training provider is proud to organise the inaugural SOGCE Masterclass with the focus on Metering & Allocation.


Measurements are vital in any activity requiring quantification. It is necessary to the successful operation of production systems to have an understanding of industrial processes, as well as the ability to monitor and control flow rate within those processes.


Liquids or gases will normally be monitored using flow metering at numerous stages along their path from production to consumption for the purposes of both financial and operational control. These measurements are necessary. Because it serves as either a cash register for your company or a means for charging customers, the flowmeter must provide reliable readings.


Even though the user has access to a variety of approaches, it is a well-known truth that a device that is inaccurate (or a device that displays a measurement that is less precise) can cost either the buyer or the seller millions of dollars as a result of reading inconsistencies.


This masterclass aims to provide important understanding on metering & allocation through 4 unique courses to help professionals to carry out jobs with superior capability and confidence that lead to positive business performance. Learning stage and need of each professional might be different, thus this programme is designed to give flexibility where delegate is able to choose to attend single course, combination of courses or complete masterclass (4-in-1).

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4 World-Class Courses in 1 Masterclass

1. Fundamentals of Flow Measurement (1 day)

Learning Objective:

– Understand the issues surrounding flow measurement. 
– Provides an unbiased view of the various technologies available and the basic knowledge required to make informed choices. 
– Awareness on key aspects of flow measurement, all general meter types and their applications will be discussed and explained.

2. Advanced Multiphase Flow Measurement (1 Day)

Learning Objective:

– Understand the issues surrounding multiphase and wet gas flow measurement.
– Unbiased view of technologies available.
– Key aspects of flow measurement, all general meter types and their applications.
– Identify the true performance of a MPFM or WGFM.

3. Introduction to Custody Transfer Measurement (1 Day)

Learning Objectives:
– Understand the requirement for Custody Transfer Measurement.
– Basic sizing techniques.
– Select the optimum meter type.
– Appreciate the various standards and regulations applied.

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4.Introduction to Hydrocarbon Allocation (1 Day)

Learning Objective:

– Understand what is Hydrocarbon Allocation
– Design and development of an allocation system
– Functions of an allocation system
– Proportional allocation
– Mass Allocation
– Uncertainty based allocation by difference allocation

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About Expert Trainer: Dr. Bruno Pinguet

Dr. Bruno Pinguet is the Technical Director of Metering & Allocation at Semarak Training. Formerly, he was the International Marketing & Scientific Advisor at TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory (Scotland) and based in Southeast Asia (Malaysia). Bruno has over 30 years’ experience in single and multiphase flow measurements from downhole to surface applications, including subsea environment. He is recognized as one of the foremost leaders in the worldwide multiphase business thru knowledge sharing, presentations, books, publications, and technical advice. He was “Visiting Professor” of Coventry University.

Bruno has been a service company representative in multiple committees and he is part of other technical committees for multiphase conferences and European Projects, including standard committees such as API.

He has a “Doctor of Philosophy in multiphase flows” and more than 175 publications and articles. He has several patents in the multiphase environment, from optical and fluid properties measurements to sampling and nuclear techniques of measurements and numerous awards.

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Grab discounts while it lasts:


  • Team Registration: Register with min. 3 pax to save RM 300 / pax

  • Bundle Registration: Register multiple courses to save 5% - 10%

  • HRD Corp claimable: Claim up to 40% of total training investment

  • Conference Special Rate: RM1,200 / pax to attend 2-day conference of SOGCE 2023

Seats are limited to 20 pax and the registration will be closed on Friday, 19 May 2023.

Let’s hear what past participants had to say:

“This course able to enhance the basic & improve understanding in metering.
I like how the info is linked to the earlier sessions from Day 1 & 4.”

Hydrocarbon Allocation Engineer, Sarawak Shell Berhad

“Trainer has good knowledge & able to deliver the course in most efficient way.”
Senior Production Planning Engineer, JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration (Malaysia) Limited

“I appreciate active engagement between trainer & participant during the course.
Plus, how the parameters are being explained and make the flow easy to understand.”

Measurement Engineer, ExxonMobil Exploration & Production Malaysia Inc

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