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The Sabah Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition core objective is to provide a platform for technology experts, captains of the industry and policy makers to come together to discuss the way forward in reviewing strategies and potential for intensified development, sharing lessons learnt on the various aspects of oil and gas whilst establishing the opportunities for industry players in the Sabah oil and gas as well as providing vast opportunities for the local contractors and ultimately accelerating the State’s social and economic development. This augurs well with the State Government’s initiative to further enhance Sabah’s position in the oil and gas industry towards becoming the region’s important exploration and production centre despite the current economic challenges and volatility in the global oil prices.

The Sabah Oil & Gas Conference & Exhibition was organized under the auspices of the Sabah State Government, drawing presenters and delegates from around the region and internationally.  The focus of the conference was how the Oil and Gas industry a Sunrise Industry for Sabah, the opportunities and growth of this industry offers to oil and gas fraternities and finding a new balance due to the fall of oil prices. This was a 2 Day conference where industry players shared information on existing and future developments and the roles that were available and will become available for up-stream and down-stream potential in the local scene. Among other that was highlighted were the dissemination of new and existing technology and the exchange of ideas and practical knowledge, both through plenary and panel sessions. There was also an inclusion of the most popular parallel workshop on career development specifically designed for secondary students and under graduates as well.

The concurrent Exhibition showcased local and international exhibitors’ latest equipment, technology and solutions to demonstrate competitive advantages and competencies.



  •  8,549 attendees from Singapore, UK, Australia, Philippines, Brunei, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Korea, USA, India, Indonesia, majority Malaysians

  •  Over 850 conference delegates

  •  244 exhibitors

  •  68% of exhibitors stated that the exhibition met expectation

  •  72% of exhibitors stated that they generated leads from this exhibition

  •  83% of the exhibitors would like to participate in future IEC Midas event

  •  Majority of conference delegates rated the 2 day conference between Good and Excellent

  •  Majority of conference delegates and exhibitors rated the event between Good and Excellent

  •  82% of attendees comprised of the following designations: Executive Chairman, Non- Executive Chairman, GMDs, MDs, Directors, Partners, CEOs, President and Group CEO,  Senior VPs, Assistant VPs, GMs, EDs, Engineers, Senior Geophysicist, COO , QSs, SMs, Technical/Service/Sales /Explorations/Project/Marketing/Procurement/Operations/ Drilling and Wells/ Business Development/Country/Fuel & LPG Operations/ Alliances & Channels/ Corporate Affairs/ Planning and Analyst/ Commercial/ Health, Safety & Environment/ HR Managers, Research Associates, Senior Analysts, Oil and Gas Consultants/Advisors, Branch Manager, Operation Analyst, Supply Chain Advisor, Reservoir Technical Advisor, Communication Specialist, Responsibility Specialist, Geologist, Industry and Corporate Affairs; the remaining are Others.

2012 - 2016 SOGCE Post Report
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